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Safe use of the sling
Safety comes first. If in doubt, please contact us. We are certified to provide babywearing consultations, more information can be found in the menu > Book a babywearing consultation now!

A baby sling must always be used correctly, if used incorrectly this can potentially lead to dangerous situations. Your child should always sit high (at kissing height), well supported by a tightly knotted sling, chin up, face visible, nose and mouth free. Also check regularly that your baby's face is clear. This applies to healthy babies born on time. For babies weighing less than 3.2 kg, premature babies or babies with an abnormality, we recommend seeking advice from a doctor or a babywearing consultant who specializes in this. We advise this because every situation is unique.

Babywearing rules:
1. Tight: The wrap should be tight for comfort and safety.
2. Face: Make sure you can always see your baby's face. So you can see that his face is free to breathe.
3. Kiss height: Hold your baby close to your chin, at kiss height.

What size do I need?
Our baby slings are one size fits all. Because the cloths are slightly longer than average, narrower wearers can give the cloth an extra knot, while for others a knot on the back will suffice.

Read our blog; We carry 1 size for everyone..!!!

Pouch tops are available in 2 sizes S/M and L/XL. Order the size you normally have . Naturally, the top is slightly larger, so that your little one can fit in . The top is super elastic, so it will not easily become too small . For dad we recommend size L/XL, so that the top fits exactly in length . If dad is really a lot smaller, consider the size S/M.


Your little one close by and your hands free.

The best benefits of carrying and pouching.

Benefits Baby sling // Stretchable sling


Carrying your baby is in our nature and meets your little one's basic need to be close to mom and dad. After 9 months in your womb, your baby wants to feel, smell and hear you. The beating of your heart reassures your mini. At My Jalou we make ergonomic baby slings that support your baby in a natural position, with the head close to your heart for a familiar sound.

STRENGTHENS THE BOND WITH YOUR BABY. Carrying promotes the bond between parent and child, because when your little one is born, he or she is completely dependent on you. Your baby likes to listen to your heartbeat, which is soothing and recognizable. Your scent and warmth provide confidence and reduce external stimuli, allowing your baby to relax. Carrying is also ideal for fathers, so that they too can get to know each other more easily and build a strong bond.

REDUCES COLS AND REFLUX: Newborn babies often suffer from colic and reflux. By carrying your little one sits upright, with knees drawn up, which promotes digestion. The warmth of your body has a pain-relieving effect. The belly to belly position helps relax and ensures better blood circulation.

Supports healthy hip development: Carrying is good for your baby's physical development. The ergonomic "M-position" (knees higher than the buttocks) supports hip development. When carrying, the back is slightly rounded, which is the natural position for your baby's spine, which is therefore less stressed. In addition, your little one exercises his muscles through your movements.

REDUCES CRYING BY 43%: When your baby is born, he is completely dependent on you. He may feel alone and unsafe, which he shows by crying. In addition, babies need skin contact and feel safe with you. By wearing, you reduce crying by 43%. Your baby is calmed by your warmth, smell, voice and heartbeat. You quickly get to know your baby's needs.

SPACE SAVING AND CONVENIENT: A sling is a space-saving alternative to the stroller. It is ideal for trips without having to take a lot of stuff with you.

HANDS-FREE: This topic needs no explanation. Because in addition to all the benefits, it is of course wonderful to have your hands free while your little one is sleeping with you. If you already have a child, it gives you more freedom to divide your attention between the two.

STIMULATES BRAIN DEVELOPMENT: A baby is born with only 25% of its brain capacity. The remaining 75% develops further in the first two years. Brain development continues into the twenties and is strongly influenced by the environment. By carrying your baby, you respond to his needs and promote the formation of brain connections, which is essential for healthy brain development.

Do you want to know more?

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Benefits Pouch top // Kangaroo top


Being pregnant... a special time that you can enjoy, but which you also use to prepare for the arrival of your little one. You take a childbirth course, decorate the baby's room and buy a stroller. We sometimes forget what is most important in the first phase of your baby's life, namely... you as a mother!

The postpartum phase, often called the fourth trimester, is not only a drastic phase for you as a mother, but also for your little one. If your baby were in charge, he would prefer to stay in your belly a little longer. The transition from the womb to the world is a big one, the pouch top can help with this by stimulating skin-to-skin contact. Let your baby get used to all new aspects of life at his or her own pace. Provide the safe womb feeling for longer and enjoy all the benefits of skin-to-skin contact. Because this gives both you and your little one a much better start!!!

In the belly, your baby is used to warmth, darkness and muffled sounds. Mom is always close by with her heartbeat, voice and movements. At birth, your little one enters a completely different world and has to breathe independently, keep his own temperature and indicate when he is hungry. That is why the best place to relax is against the warm body of mom or dad.

Skin-to-skin contact helps your baby feel safe and secure, reduces stress and promotes breastfeeding.

Advantages of the Pouch Top:

  • Strengthens bonding: Skin-to-skin contact stimulates the production of the cuddle hormone oxytocin, which makes both you and your baby feel calmer and happier.
  • Improved breastfeeding: Oxytocin helps with milk production, making breastfeeding easier to initiate.
  • Less stress for both of you: Your baby feels safe and secure, which reduces stress.
  • Healthy Development: Browsing is good for the health and development of premature and newborn babies up to 3 months old.
  • Discreet and less burdensome: With the top you ensure that you have safe skin-to-skin contact. You create a natural transition from the abdomen, while you lie covered. The top makes pouching less stressful for your arms and shoulders.

How to use the pouch top:

  1. Find a comfortable spot and make sure everything you need is within reach. (think burp cloth, drink, magazine)
  2. Pull the top over your bare upper body. The size label marks the top/back.
  3. Is it cold in the house? Then put on a cardigan that is open at the front.
  4. Place your baby on your bare chest, wearing only a diaper and possibly a hat. Your baby's head is just above your breasts.
  5. Pull the pouch top up to baby's neck and ensure that the head can breathe freely. so that his head is well above the top.
  6. Use the pouch top in a lying, sitting or semi-sitting position.
  7. The top provides privacy. You do not have a bare upper body while pouching.
  8. Taking a nap is a moment of rest for your little one, so take your own rest and enjoy the moment.

Pouch Tips:

  • Soak for at least an hour, three to four times a week for the first three months.
  • Schedule feeding times when it is convenient for you, for example in the evening after a bath or in the afternoon instead of a nap.
  • Don't interrupt your baby's sleep cycle; let him sleep peacefully.

Would you like to know more about pouching or do you have questions?

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Benefits Swaddle // swaddle blanket

Does your baby sleep restlessly and wake himself up with his movements? Swaddling can be a good solution. Many baby cloths and blankets are too rough for your little one's delicate skin. That's why we at My Jalou have developed the perfect swaddle, specially designed for the sensitive skin of your newborn baby.

With the My Jalou swaddle you can swaddle your little one safely and comfortably, an age-old tradition in which babies are wrapped in cloth from shoulders to feet. This helps limit uncontrolled movements and prevents your baby from waking themselves. Many newborn babies sleep restlessly, and swaddling can help them adapt better to sleep. The basic principle is to wrap the arms tightly and leave the legs looser, so that your baby can lie in the natural frog position. This is essential for proper hip development.

**Benefits of the My Jalou Swaddle:**

- **Quiet sleep:** By limiting body movements, your baby can relax better and sleep through the night.
- **Secure attachment:** Swaddling creates a feeling of security, which contributes to the bonding between you and your baby.
- **Soft materials:** Our swaddles are made from the softest fabrics, perfect for your newborn baby's sensitive skin.
- **Ergonomic design:** Ensures that your baby lies in a natural and relaxed position, conducive to healthy hip development.

**How ​​to swaddle your baby:**

1. Lay the swaddle flat and fold over a corner.
2. Place your baby with their shoulders on the folded corner.
3. Wrap one side of the swaddle tightly around your baby's arms and body.
4. Wrap the other side more loosely around the legs, so that your baby can lie in the frog position.
5. Make sure there is enough room for the legs to fully extend.

**Want to know more?** View our detailed instructions on how to best swaddle your baby and discover the many other uses of our swaddles.

Do you want more tips or do you have questions? Please feel free to contact us!

Bianca - Owner My Jalou

Read our instructions on how to best swaddle and what else you can use our swaddles for

Instruction Swaddle