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Get through your maternity period corona-proof...

Corona-proof your maternity period

Corona is doing more to us than we could ever imagine. These are strange, uncertain times. We worry about our loved ones, our parents and, if you are pregnant or have just given birth, about yourself and your baby! We don't know what we are doing right, so it is important to listen carefully to your feelings now!

When you give birth now, you naturally want to show your little one to all your loved ones, which is very difficult in this situation.

Super emotional not to be able to share this beautiful time with everyone!
We may be physically in lockdown, but of course we don't have to be in lockdown emotionally. Remember, you have choices!

You can choose to stop contacting other people when you are having a hard time. But remember, by isolating yourself emotionally you only create more unprocessed emotions, which will build up.

Try to share your feelings, share what you are going through, this will make it easier for others to open up. Every maternity mother is going through it now, so don't feel like you have to put on a happy face for yourself or anyone else.

A few tips:

💛 Make your loved ones part of your maternity time - whether they are physically there or not. Send photos and FaceTime family and friends all day long! New babies make everyone happy, remember they are just as sad as you are that they are missing out. This way they feel involved in your happiness.

💛 Enjoy the maternity help, she is really there for you and your little one at the moment! She can teach you everything to find your way with your baby and try to get some rest while she is there.

💛 Plan a home date with your partner. Time together remains super important and in all the hustle and bustle it is quickly lost. Really make sure you have 1 on 1 time together.

💛 Get ready every day. Of course, that has nothing to do with other people, but a daily shower and a different outfit does make you feel better.

💛 Use this time to dream. For me, having a baby was always the perfect time to write and think about the future and just dream big.

💛 Now even more so, in these uncertain times you want to keep your baby close to you, with a baby sling you can do that. This way you can also get something done with your hands free ;-) People are more likely to leave a child alone in a sling than in a stroller.

💛 Cuddling - Cuddling - Cuddling, enjoy your beautiful family, get used to each other and rest. Skin-to-skin contact is important in the first 3 months, it ensures the release of the cuddle hormone Oxytocin. This ensures, among other things, healthy cell growth and relaxation. Your baby is hungry and wants to be with you, by pouching you make the transition from the womb to the real world smoother for your child.

Our stretchy cloths are great for newborn babies and can be easily washed. Do you want to start wearing, but do you find it all exciting? All our cloths come with a clear explanation, but I can also guide you via Face-time, so you can start wearing them.

With our pouch top you can perfectly pouch with your little one in the first period. Read all about it in our blog: "A top to cuddle"

If you have any questions, let me know!

Stay Safe!
Lovesss Bianca
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