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Carry your baby in a sling and enjoy all the benefits that come with it

Pregnant symptoms pregnancy . For example, how do you tell that you are pregnant ? Gender reveal gender reveal Also nutrition, ultrasounds, week by week. pregnant midwife maternity care maternity nurse baby gynecologist ultrasound birth hypnobirthing baby pregnancy course birth home birth home birth hospital birth hospital birth caesarean section preparing for baby's arrival

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Baby sling knots

Baby sling or baby carrier

Woven sling

Stretchable sling

skin-to-skin contact ? cuddling method, also known as pouching or kangarooing the baby exposed on your bare skin . This starts immediately after delivery when your baby is placed directly on your chest.

Skin hunger



Maternity week maternity period postpartum

Carrying a baby sling ergonomically

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You can use the My Jalou baby carrier straight from birth. You carry your little one wonderfully close

When to wear

Baby bonding

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