Mama, je bent niet alleen!!!

Mom, you are not alone!!!

Sometimes you are deeply moved by stories that are so recognizable, that touch your heart because you see yourself in them. It's important to share these stories so other moms know they are not alone.

Because you are not alone. We all have moments when we doubt, wonder if we are doing it right, if we are good mothers. But the very fact that you ask yourself those questions makes you a good mother. You don't have to do everything alone!

After the birth of my son, motherhood took me by surprise, no matter how wonderful I found it and how much I enjoyed him. I often felt inadequate and missed myself. That period sometimes seemed endless, but it always gets better!

When I read this story, I felt so much recognition that a tear rolled down my cheek. That's why I translated it into Dutch, in the hope that other mothers can gain strength from it...

"It's when the sun sets and a knot forms in my stomach because I don't know what the night will bring. It's when she cries hysterically while I try to change her and I feel my heart in my throat. It is when she's sleeping but I can't hear her breathing. It's when she spits out her nose & I rush over to put her on her side while she takes her time to clear her airway putting her in her car seat while I worry about whether I'm strapping her in too tight or too loose. It's when I put her hat on and am extra careful not to be too rough.

It's looking in the mirror and really doing my best to appreciate what I see. It's not forgetting to change my maternity pads, replace my chest pads. It's trying to find clothes that fit, are comfortable and are clean. It's smelling myself because I'm constantly sweating. I have to choose between eating, sleeping, brushing my teeth or showering because I know I don't have time for everything. It's a balance between the days when my partner is free and when he's back at work, and doing my best not to be secretly jealous.

It's not wanting to play a comparison game. It's not looking at the moms who can already fit into their pre-baby jeans while I can't even fit into the clothes I bought post-baby. It's not watching the mothers having brunch, having coffee with friends, while I can't find the strength to even leave the house.

It is much. The newborn bubble is a lot. It's not all bliss as you romantically breastfeed your little one on a pink cloud. It's not hopping around in cute outfits & finishing all those Netflix series. It's the little things. It's the big things. It is much.

And you can say that it is a lot. That doesn't mean you aren't grateful. It doesn't mean you don't love your baby. It doesn't make you a lesser mother. It just means that you are human. That you are human just like me. It's a lot for me and I want you to know that you are not alone in this bubble. The day will soon come when everything feels better again and you pick yourself up again. - The sun will shine again and so will you - "

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