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A FREE babywearing consultation on We Are Pregnant!!!

We Are Pregnant Event March 24-26 • Werkspoorkathedraal Utrecht

We were at the wonderful We are Pregnant event for the 4th time with a lot of love. The love is palpable at this event! The love for the little miracle in your belly, love for your company, love for the beautiful surroundings and love of all (small) entrepreneurs who bring the most beautiful things and materials.
This wonderful event is not complete if you have not visited our beautiful My Jalou stand. Our team is ready to tell you everything about carrying, but also about skin-to-skin contact and bonding with your baby immediately after birth.
Throughout the day you will participate in our FREE babywearing consultations for the stretchy baby sling.
We brought our lifelike baby carrier dolls with us, so you could already experience what it is like to have your mini snug against you and also have your hands free. The minis who were already born also helped.
We will be there again in October.
The consultations take place without registration, so you can also join us all day long. When busy, small groups are created to help several moms and dads at the same time.
Do you have any questions? If you can also post them here in the comments, we are sure we can help you.

Until Sunday we still give a 10% discount on the entire collection.
use the discount code WAP at checkout.
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De zaterdag hoop ik erbij te zijn :) ik ben wel heel benieuwd welke draagzakken/draagdoeken het beste geschikt zijn voor een baby en welke passend zijn voor welke leeftijden. Geven jullie daar ook informatie over?
Groetjes, Eline

Eline Van den Heuvel

Laatste keer een consult bij jullie gedaan in November. Nog steeds dankbaar, ontzettend goed geholpen en geïnformeerd. Ik draag inmiddels met veel liefde mijn meisje bij me !


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