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Organizing a Digital Baby Shower...

Organize a digital baby shower
A baby on the way is a reason to celebrate, even if you can't get together in person. Sooooo organize...
A virtual baby shower is a super cool option! We have thought about how you can organize the perfect baby shower, at a safe distance, but so that the expectant mother feels special and loved.

Step 1 - Save the date

Set a date and time and make sure that the mom-to-be's partner is in on the plot.
If you want to inform mom, send a nice "Save the date" card so that she can get some anticipation.

Step 2 - Decoration

If you can't be together, make sure it's a celebration! Everyone wear the same color clothing and make sure everyone has some themed items, such as photo accessories, balloons, bells, streamers, etc.
Make a package for each guest and send it.
Also provide a package for mom, so that she is in the mood during the shower. 😊🎉

Step 3 - Gifts

There's no Baby Shower without gifts! THE way to make mom feel loved and special. Have one person collect all the gifts and on the day of the shower, bring the package in all its glory with balloons and streamers at the mom-to-be's doorstep. Make sure you film everything so that everyone can enjoy the surprise! Would you like to give a joint gift? Or does everyone send something separately. Everything is of course possible.

Are you looking for ideas? You can't go wrong with the My Jalou collection, everything is suitable for newborn babies. Would you like to put something together yourself?
Then we have the following action:
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(Condition: the cheapest product must be at least 5 euros, all cards are excluded)

Connection is the best gift you can give. With our pouch tops and slings you give the mother close to her child. There is nothing more beautiful, right?

If you indicate that it is a gift, we will wrap it for you and you can also send it directly to mom 2B!

Step 4 - During the shower

Let everyone get something tasty to eat and drink for themselves and make sure there is also something tasty for the mom to be. Arrange this as an organizer or have dad do it for you. This way you can all toast together.
Baby pictures guess:
Collect a baby photo from everyone in advance and make sure it is with Mama2B on the day, so she can guess which baby is who. Every time she gets it right, she gets to open a present.

So what are you waiting for....

Organize that Party!

Did you have a nice shower remotely? Let us know below how you organized it... Who knows, we can inspire each other! :-)

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