Dragen... de vele voordelen op een rij!

Wear... the many benefits at a glance!


Carrying your baby is in our nature and meets your little one's basic need to be close to mom and dad. After 9 months in your womb, your baby wants to feel, smell and hear you. The beating of your heart reassures your mini. At My Jalou we make ergonomic baby slings that support your baby in a natural position, with the head close to your heart for a familiar sound.

STRENGTHENS THE BOND WITH YOUR BABY. Carrying promotes the bond between parent and child, because when your little one is born, he or she is completely dependent on you. Your baby likes to listen to your heartbeat, which is soothing and recognizable. Your scent and warmth provide confidence and reduce external stimuli, allowing your baby to relax. Carrying is also ideal for fathers, so that they too can get to know each other more easily and build a strong bond.

REDUCES CALMS AND REFLUX: Newborn babies often suffer from colic and reflux. By carrying your little one sits upright, with knees drawn up, which promotes digestion. The warmth of your body has a pain-relieving effect. The belly to belly position helps relax and ensures better blood circulation.

SUPPORTS HEALTHY HIP DEVELOPMENT: Carrying is good for your baby's physical development. The ergonomic "M-position" (knees higher than the buttocks) supports hip development. When carrying, the back is slightly rounded, which is the natural position for your baby's spine, which is therefore less stressed. In addition, your little one exercises his muscles through your movements.

REDUCES CRYING BY 43%: When your baby is born, he is completely dependent on you. He may feel alone and unsafe, which he shows by crying. In addition, babies need skin contact and feel safe with you. By wearing, you reduce crying by 43%. Your baby is calmed by your warmth, smell, voice and heartbeat. You quickly get to know your baby's needs.

SPACE SAVING AND CONVENIENT: A sling is a space-saving alternative to the stroller. It is ideal for trips without having to take a lot of stuff with you.

HANDS-FREE: This topic needs no explanation. Because in addition to all the benefits, it is of course wonderful to have your hands free while your little one is sleeping with you. If you already have a child, it gives you more freedom to divide your attention between the two.

STIMULATES BRAIN DEVELOPMENT: A baby is born with only 25% of its brain capacity. The remaining 75% develops further in the first two years. Brain development continues into the twenties and is strongly influenced by the environment. By carrying your baby, you respond to his needs and promote the formation of brain connections, which is essential for healthy brain development.

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