Made to swaddle, snuggle & cuddle

Made to swaddle, snuggle & cuddle


Does your baby sleep restlessly? And he unnecessarily wakes himself up by his movements. Swaddling your little one can be a good solution.

Many baby wraps and blankets are hard and rough on your little one's soft skin. Your newborn baby's skin deserves the very best and the My Jalou swaddle was developed with that in mind. With our swaddle you can, among other things: swaddling your little one, an old tradition in which babies are wrapped in cloth from shoulders to feet. With this aid you limit the body movements of your newborn baby and prevent uncontrolled movements that keep your baby awake. Many newborn babies sleep restlessly, swaddling is a good way to remove the restlessness, so your baby will be able to sleep better. The basic principle is to wrap your arms tightly and loosen your legs. Make sure that your baby can fully stretch his legs and has enough space left, so he can lie in the frog position. This is the natural, relaxed position of your baby's legs and is therefore important for good hip development.

How to swaddle - swaddle

The My Jalou swadlle is multi-use and due to its spacious size of 120 cm x 140 cm, it grows with your baby. Also use the swaddle for discreet feeding or as a blanket. The nice thing about our swaddles is that they can be combined with the hats and hairbands from the My Jalou collection.

Swaddle - discreet feeding - nursing apron - nursing cloth

The swaddles come in 2 qualities: wonderfully soft, supple Modal and cotton fabric. Both are super soft, breathable, stretchy and moisture absorbent. Everyone is familiar with Cotton, but fewer people are familiar with Modal. Modal looks like silk, but is just as practical as cotton. It is made from beech wood from sustainably managed forests. Beech trees grow easily and almost everything on the tree can be used, making it quite efficient. Little water is needed, much less than for cotton. The fabric is popular because of its softness, but note that Modal can be a bit more sensitive to pulls. Therefore, the advice is to handle it with love, wash it in a laundry bag at 30 degrees and be careful with Velcro.

We believe it is important that our products are produced fairly, which is why production takes place in Europe.

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